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Show them your kindness, support and love!

We have just 4 more days to unlock the match donation of $12,000. When a generous donor heard that we adopted 45 cats during Clear the Shelters for free they knew they had to do something! They said that if we were able to raise $12,000 by the end of August for the Clear the Shelter “Kitty” they would match it dollar-for-dollar.

The SAFE Haven community has already raised $7,277 to meet our goal of $12,000. We are over halfway there! There is still room for YOU to make a difference!

The Clear the Shelters “Kitty” is a communal pot of money that will be used to recoup the cost of care for the Clear the Shelter cats plus care for at least 100 cats in the future! This also means your donation will go twice as far with every dollar matched through the end of the month!

But we both know there are more lives to be saved.

Each cat who found a home at Clear the Shelters represents $125 in costs that were waived. By sponsoring this cost, you are helping fund the attention, medical care and love that our volunteers and staff have given that cat, preparing it for a loving family and stable life and helping the next one get adopted, too!

Can’t donate $125? Please know that any amount is very helpful and appreciated!

Help the kitties by making a donation of $125 today.