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SAFE Haven has never adopted so many cats in a year, and Wayne Whiskers, a very special kitty, deserves this honor of being the 1300th of 2023. Adopter Keri is the purr-fect person to give him a forever home!

Wayne came to SAFE Haven in January from Knightdale; he’s about 10 years, 5 months old and was a colony cat – which means he was one of a group of cats living together outside. One of our great champions brought him to us because she knew we could help him. Wayne’s blood sugar was very high, so we started him on insulin injections. Awesome foster Jacqui and her family members took him to help give him the care he needed, providing a lot of love. Since Wayne was part of our Adopt from Foster program, where kitties can remain in foster homes and never have to come to the shelter, he got to know what it means to be in a lovely home.

Today, Wayne is happy, healthy and loving his new home. He’s now named Cheddar and we look forward to hearing great stories from his family for many years to come! He is definitely the Big Cheese of kitties here at SAFE Haven!