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SAFE Haven for Cats has been invited to participate in the 2022 PUPPY BOWL!

Mark your calendars to watch the PUPPY BOWL XVIII on Sunday, February 13 at 2 PM ET on Animal Planet and streaming on discovery+. This spectacular 3-hour event will be shown live on cable TV and you can watch it all week long on the discovery+ app.

PUPPY BOWL celebrates adoptable pups in all their cuteness. It showcases the incredible shelters and rescues, as well as their staffers, who dedicate their lives to helping animals find their fur-ever loving homes.

Put your paws together midway through the game for the KITTY HALF-TIME SHOW as adoptable kittens dance their way through a purr-fect beach party. At this ocean-side getaway, experience the beach-tastic party with these felines having some fun in the sun and learning about their heartwarming adoption stories.

SAFE Haven’s own very adorable and adoptable Sunny will be featured in an “Adoptables” segment during the broadcast. Photos and videos of her will air during the show to millions of viewers across the country. SAFE Haven staff and Sunny are NOT physically traveling to the PUPPY BOWL. Still, they will be featured in video and photo segments during the broadcast!

Can you believe this beautiful kitty was born to a stray cat under a home near the basement? Sunny is one of four kittens born to an abandoned crème and white mamma cat named Tellie. Thanks to compassionate and selfless community members who scooped them up and brought them to SAFE Haven for Cats, they have been lovingly taken care of, and Sunny is now ready for her real home.

Sunny is 16 weeks old, has had complete medical care, including spaying, and is one of the most beautiful kittens we have ever seen. She is a Flame Point Siamese mix, and when you hold her like a baby and sing Lion King songs to her, she purrs and falls asleep in your arms. When awake, she scoots around playing with footballs, shiny objects, and circular ball tracker toys. She then pauses for rest, relaxation, and more petting.

After winning at the PUPPY BOWL, Sunny will be going to a new forever home with a loving, adoptable home.

Sunny will be adopted through the SAFE Haven for Cats ONLINE adoption process. You can apply online to adopt Sunny on Sunday, February 13, during the live PUPPY BOWL broadcast at 2 PM EST.

Important information about the adoption process:

  • You must apply to adopt Sunny through our ONLINE interest survey. Do NOT come to the shelter to visit Sunny, adopt Sunny or complete a paper adoption form.
  • You can apply ONLINE to adopt Sunny once the live broadcast begins at 2 PM EST on Sunday, February 13, 2022.
  • Sunny will be adopted first come, first serve to the best adoption candidate per the SAFE Haven for Cats adoption process. This is the same process for all our adoptions.
  • Potential adopters will be contacted by SAFE Haven staff on Monday, February 14, to complete the adoption process in Raleigh, NC. Please do not come to the shelter until you are contacted as a potential adoption candidate for Sunny.
  • Please don’t contact the adoption center to check on your adoption status. Our staff will contact you.
  • Sunny will need to be picked up in person at our adoption center in Raleigh, NC.


While Sunny is a star of the PUPPY BOWL, there are hundreds of cats who need homes in our community every day. Please make plans to meet our adoptable cats at our shelter in Raleigh, NC, or online. It’s easy to start the adoption process to find a perfect kitty for you!

Even if your home is full of all-star cats, you can still make it a special day for cats—sponsor one of our adoptable kitties for just $25. Sponsor a cat now.

Photos courtesy of MK Photography Studio.