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You might be familiar with SAFE Care Clinic’s low-cost spay/neuter program, or it’s free rabies/microchip clinics, but did you know that SAFE Care also plays a significant role in finding the paw-fect homes for our kitties?

We recently were called by Wake County Animal Control to help a cat owner in need. Her love of cats had become a little overwhelming. She started adopting kitties and those kitties turned into 80 cats. She was overwhelmed and needed help. She reached out to Animal Control for help and we took in 10 of the 30 cats that have been removed so far to help find them homes for the holidays. We know they won’t be the last that need our help.

As with all cats who are adopted through SAFE Haven’s shelter, each of these new cats starts in the SAFE Care Clinic. They start their journey to adoption with a check-up by our veterinarians, who identify the medical needs of each cat. They help cats get ready for adoption by giving them vaccinations, spaying/neutering them and screening them for serious illnesses that take more medical attention.

SAFE Care is a vital step in the adoption process, but that’s not all they do.

By offering low-cost services, SAFE Care Clinic has, in 2019 alone:

  • Sterilized more than 3,268 cats, reducing feline overpopulation
  • Vaccinated 68 cats and 82 dogs against rabies, safeguarding pets against this deadly disease
  • Microchipped 28 cats, helping identify them should they get lost

Since the clinic started in 2001, more than 35,000 animals have been spayed or neutered. That means one less homeless kitty out there, needing our help.

To keep SAFE Care Clinic’s services going, we NEED your help. We’ve set a goal of reaching $140,000 by the end of the year to continue providing quality care to the cats who come to SAFE Haven. We’ve raised $80,890 so far, but we have more to go!

We’re even making it easier for you to make a difference: every donation between now and the end of the year is MATCHED! That means a greater impact and a greater number of kitties helped.

Choose how you can best help:

  • DONATE: Any amount you can give, we’re grateful for, whether it’s $2 or $2,000. Through the end of the year, your donation will be matched, making an even bigger impact on our cats’ lives.
  • SHARE: We’re updating our thermometer and sharing special facts about how far your dollar can go on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Share those posts with your friends and family to tell them why you support SAFE Haven and why they should too!