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Adopt Our Kitties!

Black & White Cat With Yellow Eyes

As of May 8, we’re doing online adoptions! We’re so thankful that we can start our adoption program again. It makes our hearts purr to know that we can get back to our mission of saving animals’ lives. These are the new ways we’re meeting our mission:

  1. New Adoption Process – All adoptions will start with our online adoption process. We are NOT open for walk-in adoptions or visitors at this time. If you would like to adopt one of our cats, please follow our new online adoption process.
  2. Donate But Not In-Kind – Due to social distancing and health guidelines, we cannot accept any dropped off in-kind donations from the community of pet food, cat accessories, or any other items from your home. If you would like to help the cats, please consider making a donation or purchasing items on our Amazon Wish List.
  3. Clinic Closed for Appointments – Our Clinic staff is at full speed taking care of the cats in the Shelter, but they are not able to make appointments from members of the community yet. Please watch your email for when we can start accepting appointments again.
  4. If You Find a Stray – Thank you for caring for our cats in the community through these turbulent times for us all. If you would like to add a stray cat or kitten to our waitlist, please click here.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to cats. We are so thankful for your notes of support and love. The cats can’t wait to see you!

CARES for Cats

Orange and White Cat

One benefit of the new CARES Act: you can now increase your deduction on charitable giving! For your qualified 2020 donation, you can take a charitable deduction of up to $300 cash. Learn more and consider donating more to SAFE Haven this year!

Run & Walk to Help SAFE Haven

Close Up of Running Shoes

SAFE Haven is proud to participate in this year’s virtual Pets2theRescue event! Register to participate by May 31 and walk or run the distance you committed to by using their app. Make sure you choose SAFE Haven during registration – 100% of the registration fees will come to us! Get active and help some kitties!


Grey Tabby Kitten

Thank you to all of you who donated during #GivingTuesdayNow. Your participation in this global day of giving meant we raised hundreds of dollars on Facebook to support our cats. The SAFE Haven community continues to amaze us with your generosity. On behalf of the kitties, we thank you!

Event Roundup

We appreciate everyone’s understanding as we’ve had to cancel or postpone events through May. We’ll be assessing future events as things change. For the latest event updates, visit our event calendar.


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